Accommodation: Big Sauna House and Paul`s Granary

 Big Sauna House

The Big Sauna House was built in 2004. The house is made of logs and is very cosy and sweet, as it is furnished enabling You to have the most pleasant and comfortable vacation.

There are 2 bedrooms, a restroom with a fireplace, sauna, a kitchen with full necessary equipment, washing machine, WC, a extra bathroom and wide terrace, WIFI.

Panoraam Marknatalu Saunamaja kaminaruumist Marknatalu Saunamaja kaminaruum Marknatalu Saunamaja köök Marknatalu Saunamaja köök Marknatalu Saunamaja köök  Marknatalu Saunamaja punane magamistuba neljale ja beebivoodi Marknatalu Saunamaja lugemisnurgake  Marknatalu Saunamaja sinine magamistuba Marknatalu Saunamaja sinine magamistuba kuuele

Paul’s Granary

The granary built in the beginning of the previous century has received modern amenities during the renovation but has retained its authentic appearance and substance. The building has been named Paul’s Granary after the former master of the granary called Paul.

In Pauli Ait there are 2 bedrooms- green room and red room for total of 10 people, living-room/kitchen equipped with a fireplace, WC, sauna,  shower room and a spacious terrace, WIFI.

   Marknatalu Pauli Aida avatud köögiga kaminaruum Marknatalu Pauli Aida kaminaruum Pauli Aida esikunurk   Marknatalu Pauli Aida punane magamistuba viiele ja beebivoodi Marknatalu Pauli Aida roheline magamistuba viiele Marknatalu roheline magamistuba viiele  Pauli Aida laste mänguala Pauli Aida terrass Vaade Marknatalu Pauli Aidale